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Jardim dos Nudibrânquios

Code: JNudibr
Zone: Vau
Access: 10' by boat
Type: Reef
Seafloor: Sand
Depth: 8 to 12 meters
Jardim dos Nudibrânquios

Classification: Very good

Difficulty: Medium


Excellent for photography

Use a torch

Good for night diving

Jardim dos Nudibrânquios

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAA very irregular zone, consisting of numerous rocks, some joined together and others more isolated, with various indentations where you can find lots of sea life.

This is an easy dive, due to the shallow depth and the lack of currents. Ideally it should be done slowly, paying close attention to the small sea life that takes refuge among the rocks.

This area is known for the existence of various species of nudibranch, hence its name: Jardim dos Nudibrânquios (Garden of the Nudibranch) Due to the shallow depths, divers should be careful not to stir up the sandy bottom, as this will reduce visibility.

Further out to the West, there is another diving site full of interesting rocks teeming with life, which is also well worth a visit. Mullet, octopus and some crustaceans can be found, on the sand.

However, the striking presence of varied and numerous species, which are very colourful and highly photogenic, such as scorpionfish, gudgeon and goby, and various species of invertebrates and nudibranch, make this a favorite spot for the practice of underwater photography.

In fact, it has been the site of various photographic competitions carried out in the region in recent years.

The entire length of this site is also very interesting to visit in the evening, when divers can appreciate the night predators such as morays and various crustaceans.

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