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Pedras de Portimão

Code: PPortimao
Zone: Portimão
Access: 10' by boat
Type: Rock
Seafloor: Sand
Depth: 8 to 16 meters
Pedras de Portimão

Classification: Very good

Difficulty: Medium


Reel and buoy required

Excellent for photography

Use a torch

Water craft traffic

PEDRAS DE PORTIMÃO is a large rocky structure lying on a sandy bottom, extending southwards for hundreds of meters along the coast, with walls up to four meters in height.

There are several, very interesting dive sites, five of which are highlighted here, with similar characteristics in terms of environmental conditions, fauna and flora and are well worth visiting, as they offer excellent conditions for underwater photography.

Pedra do Arco

Pedras de Portimao Pedra do ArcoA site comprised of two large rocky formations of more than three meters in height, sheltering lots of sea life. In South rocky formation there is an arch that gives the place its name, and which can be passed through without difficulty.

Castelo de Neptuno

Pedras de Portimao - Castelo de NeptunoA relatively small, terraced rock rising up to eight meters, full of sea life, where it is common to see white seabream and ballan wrasse. On the top of the rock, nestled among the algae and gorgonians, you will find various types of nudibranch, offering excellent opportunities for photography.

Pedra de Neptuno

Pedras de Portimao - Pedra do NeptunoA large rock forming small ridges, four or five meters in height and full of sea life, with various possible dive routes around them.

Pedra do Albano

Pedras de Portimao - Pedra do AlbanoA large rock wall full of indentations, with various passages and overhangs, some large enough to enter. In the largest of the boilers to the East there is an anchor. You will find lots of sea life sheltering in the various indentations in the wall, therefore the use of a torch is recommended. Beautiful gorgonians can also be seen, and other species of invertebrates, notably nudibranch, sponges, anemones and corals.

Pedra dos Arcos

Pedras de Portimao - Pedras dos ArcosThe site has two rocks in the form of a horse-shoe, with lots of indentations and arches, mainly in the rock to the South. On this dive site it is common to find octopus and cuttlefish as well as varied and beautiful gorgonians. Given the variety of multicolored invertebrates and diverse species of fish, such as scorpion fish, gudgeon and goby, this is an excellent site for photography. The use of a torch is recommended, as this will enable you to carefully explore the various species hiding in the cavities in the rock walls.

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