Dive Guide of the Algarve

Dive Guide of the AlgarveThis Dive Guide of the Algarve gives a schematic presentation of the main diving sites of the Algarve.

We hope it will contribute to promote diving in the region, enabling divers who visit us to enjoy the underwater landscape, fauna and flora of the Algarve Coast in a responsible and safe way.

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAThe dive guide is designed to be updated regularly, through the insertion or replacement of pages with new diving sites, in future editions.

This first edition with 50 diving sites all along the Algarve Coast, starting at Cape Saint Vincent and going to the border with Spain.

The sites are grouped into three zones: Barlavento, Centre, and Sotavento.

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAThere are, without doubt, many other areas of interest that could also be described, and which deserve to be included in this first edition. As these are identified and investigated, they will certainly be included in the guide in the near future.

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAEach diving site in the Algarve is described in the form of a data sheet, which has four main sections. The first section gives the location, indicated by the international diving flag on the map of the region. The second gives a brief text describing the diving site and highlighting its main characteristics. The third section gives a drawing of the area, showing either a lateral or vertical view, sometimes illustrated with photographs. Finally, the last section gives a small table with technical data and recommendations on the diving site.

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAThe "Diving Spot" section of the site was constructed with the content of the Dive Guide which can give a sense of the guide's content. The guide can be acquired in our store.

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