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Bomber B-24

Code: Bombard
Zone: Faro
Access: 85' by boat
Type: Wreck
Seafloor: Sand
Depth: 18 to 20 meters
Bomber B-24

Classification: Very good

Difficulty: Complex


Mandatory bailout

Possible currents

Sharp metal objects

Reel and buoy required

Possible descompression

Excellent for photography

Use a torch

Possible Narcosis

Nets, lines and hooks

Water craft traffic

Bomber B-24

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAThe ruins of a North American bomber that dropped into the sea after becoming lost at night, during the Second World War, on 30th November 1943.

The four-engine B-24 Liberator PB4Y American navy bomber was on anti-submarine patrol in the gulf of Cádiz, with 11 crew members on board. Six died on impact, and the remainder were rescued by a fishing vessel that was nearby that night.

The structure can still be seen lying upside-down on the sea bed, practically complete, with its two wings with a 34 meters wingspan.

Although the two propellers have been dislocated, it is still possible to see the engines, as well as the holes into which the landing gear was retracted. The fuselage, the main body of the aircraft, has disappeared and is still the object of searches.

There is a wide field of wreckage scattered around the site, including the two propellers (the blades of which are almost a meter in length), an engine rotor and one of the vertical rudders, which can be seen a short distance away.

The B-24 bomber has now become a beautiful artificial reef with a diving route created liking the different wreck's structure that shelters a veritable cloud of pout.

The girders of the internal structure of the wing make the perfect "luxury residence" for other fish and invertebrates: toadfish, groupers, gobies, spider crabs, octopus, prawns and lobsters! The wreck is also home to numerous conger and some moray eels.

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