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Code: Torvore
Zone: Sagres
Access: 60' by boat
Type: Wreck
Seafloor: Sand
Depth: 28 to 32 meters

Classification: Excellent

Difficulty: Complex


Mandatory bailout

Possible currents

Sharp metal objects

Reel and buoy required

Possible descompression

Excellent for photography

Use a torch

Possible Narcosis

Nets, lines and hooks

No direct access to surface


Centro de mergulho no Algarve - SUBNAUTAThe wreckage of the Norwegian steamship the Torvore, which was sunk in 1917, during the First World War, by the German U35 submarine.

She was sunk on the same day as the Nordsoen and the Wilhelm Krag. The shipwreck is also known by local fishermen as the Vapor das 19, as it lies at a depth of approximately nineteen fathoms (an old measurement equivalent to 1.82 meters).

The wreck is relatively in good condition, and it is still possible to see a considerable quantity of pressed charcoal blocks that were part of its cargo. Normally the dive begins at the port side of the vessel, where the boiler and engines are located, then divers can continue in either direction, to the bow to the South or the stern to the North.

It is common to find one or two resident ocean sunfish, crustaceans, nudibranch and shoals of various species such as zebra seabream, damselfish, sea perch, and pout, among others. It is a deep dive, with lots of fishing nets and tackle, although a programme is underway to clean the wreck and remove the more dangerous nets.

The current can be strong at this site, and it is recommended that divers descend and ascend using the iron cable that is normally launched in the middle of the vessel, close to the boiler and motors.

Given the depth, divers should take special care to manage their time and gas consumption. Decompression procedures are frequently carried out on this dive.

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