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Wilhelm Krag

Code: WKrag
Zone: Praia da Luz
Access: 40' by boat
Type: Wreck
Seafloor: Sand
Depth: 28 to 34 meters
Wilhelm Krag

Classification: Excellent

Difficulty: Complex


Mandatory bailout

Possible currents

Sharp metal objects

Excellent for photography

Use a torch

Possible Narcosis

Nets, lines and hooks

Water craft traffic

Wilhelm Krag

Centro de mergulho no Algarve - SUBNAUTAThis is the third steam vessel to be hit by the German U35 submarine on the same day, in Algarve waters. The Wilhelm Krag was a Norwegian cargo ship bound for the United Kingdom, when she was hit by the submarine.

Although she was sailing without cargo, its destiny was dictated by the fact that she was chartered by an English company.

She was sunk after the crew members abandoned ship. Already explored in the past only in recent years she has become a regular destination for divers.

A fascinating dive, especially with good visibility. The boiler zone houses various species, particularly the large Zebra seabream, a beautiful resident school of sea perch, congers, morays, and a wide variety of large crustaceans.

Considerably split in the upper parts, the ship has, however, retained the base of its infrastructure, and it is possible to identify some parts of the superstructure, notably the large boilers.

Special care is needed when crossing zones among the ruins, due to the existence of various fishing nets along the wreck.

Because of its depth, the diving time must be carefully controlled, as it is very easy to go beyond the limits, requiring decompression procedures on ascent. Therefore it is advisable to carry out this dive with an additional aluminum emergency bottle.

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