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Diving Trips

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTA Diving CentreRegular departures from Wednesday to Sunday in winter and daily in summer, leaving from Portimão's (8:00am at the Dive Centre gear up), to carry out two dives at two different sites being back at the Marina sometime around 12.30 to 13.30 depending on the distance to the dive sites visited. We also conduct night dives on request. In this case, we leave the Marina at sunset to perform a dive in one of the sites chosen for this purpose.

For the dives we use one of our fully equipped RIB's, XaNax, XeGuedive or XôStress (check the Boats page for a detailed description). Each dive trip includes the following:

  • Two dives in two different dive sites for the morning dives and one dives for the night dives.
  • 3 liters bail-out with 200 bar of air for dives under 18 meters.
  • Complete diving Equipment - semi-dry, gloves, boots, fins, snorkel, mask and weight belt.
  • Snack and water served during surface interval in morning dives.

  Open Circuit Dives   Closed Circuit Dives
Open circuit scuba with oxygen cleaned regulator, octopus, gauge, compass, computer, BCD and a 12 liters cylinder with 200 bar of air or Nitrox 32.
Complete Dolphin or Inspiration/Evolution Vision Rebreather with 4 liters cylinder with EAN or a 2 liters cylinder with 180 bar of oxygen, 2 liters cylinder with 200 bar of air and sofnolime for two dives.

Prices & Discounts

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTA Diving CentrePrices are shown in the following table (inclusive of VAT). Please contact us for special group prices or dive packages. No shows on the day of departure require payment of a fee of 15% of its value to meet preparation and catering costs. Cancellations up to 72 hours before departure will have no penalty.

Dive Service and Training Courses Rates (VAT Included)

Saídas de Mergulho Algarve
Code Type Description Price / EUR
A01 Daily Dive One Open Circuit Dive 50  
A02 Daily Dive Two Open Circuit Dives (same trip) 75  
A03 Daily Dive Three Open Circuit Dives (same trip) 100  
B02 Daily Dive Two Closed Circuit Dives (same trip) 125  
L01 Liveaboard One Day Liveaboard - Ocean Revival 130  
L02 Liveaboard Two Days Liveaboard 260  
L03 Liveaboard Three Days Liveaboard

Technical Diving

Technical Diving in the Algarve with SUBNAUTA Diving CentreTechnical Diving is organized on request. A minimum of four divers is required. One of our RIB's, XaNax or XoStress, with skipper, is used on an exclusive basis for the group. The service includes, if requested, all the necessary equipment to dive (diving suits for open or closed circuit, computer, wetsuit, fins, mask, weight belt, bailouts, Nitrox and Trimix depending on the level of divers certification). The price of the dive is same as the regular A1, B1 or B2 dives plus the amount of gas used, number of cylinders and miles traveled to the dive site. Thus, the price varies depending on the type of dive you want, the dive site selected, equipment and respiratory mixtures used. Contact us, tell us what you want and we will prepare a budget.

Equipment Renting

Diving Equipment Renting in the AlgarveDiving Equipment Renting in the AlgarveThe available equipment is for exclusive use of the Centre, for clients diving with us and projects where we are involved. However, we offer services with our equipment including preparation and operation by our staff. Thus, it is possible to hire our boats, cameras or underwater geophysical equipment services that will always include a skipper or technical preparation and operation. If you are interested please contact us and we will prepare a budget.

  • Boats with skipper with or without diving equipment
  • Basic underwater photography equipments: Fuji Film F35 sets with flash
  • Nikon cameras underwater housings, cameras and lenses
  • Sony and RED underwater housings, cameras and lenses
  • Lights, flashes and underwater LED's
  • Underwater geophysics Equipments: side scan sonars, ROV and magnetometers

Equipment Servicing

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTA Diving CentreManutenção de Equipamento AlgarveWe service, clean and maintain diving equipment including cylinders, valves and regulators. Prices vary depending on the work to be performed and equipment. Contact us for quotes.

  • Regulator, gauge and hose servicing and oxygen cleaning
  • Cylinder servicing and oxygen cleaning
  • Other diving equipment servicing and oxygen cleaning

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