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A perfect place for a great diving experience

The Ocean Revival Underwater Park  is situated off the coastal town of Portimao, Algarve, in southern Portugal. More precisely along the east side of the artificial reefs of Alvor, the bathymetric of 26 to 32 meters, with a minimum clearance of 15 meters. The reef will be one mile from the anchorage of Portimão, 3.3 miles from the port and 2 miles from the coast opposite to Prainha.

A carefully selected location for the following reasons:

  • Very good diving conditions;
  • Good sea condition over 300 days a year;
  • Still waters, safe for diving;
  • Water temperature between 14 ° and 22 ° C.

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAMarked by buoys the Ocean Revival reef consisted of four decommissioned vessels from the Portuguese Navy fleet that will serve as artificial reefs.

Oliveira e Carmo

Oliveira e Carmo
Oliveira e Carmo Corvette Corvette
Ex-NRP Oliveira e Carmo F489
: 1.430 tons
Length: 85 meters long
Breadth: 12 meters


Zambeze Ocean Patrol Ocean Patrol
Ex-NRP Zambeze P1147
: 292 tons
Length: 44 meters long
Breadth: 8 meters

Hermenegildo Capelo

Hermenegildo Capelo
Hermenegildo Capelo Frigate Frigate
Ex-NRP Hermenegildo Capelo F481
: 2.700 tons
Length: 102 meters long
Breadth: 12 meters

Almeida Carvalho

Almeida Carvalho
Almeida Carvalho Hydrographic ship Hydrographic Ship
Ex-NRP Almeida de Carvalho A527
: 1.320 tons
Length: 64 meters long
Breadth: 12 meters

In accordance with OSPAR Convention rules, the ships were cleaned of all environmentally hazardous materials or dangerous for divers. This preparation was done with the help of Canadian Artificial Reef Trading Consultant (CARC), that accounts for more than 23 Navy vessels deliberate immersions around the world.

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAFour warships that played a key role in the history of the Portuguese Navy sunk one by one a few dozen metres from each other, creating an authentic and freely accessible underwater theme park along the coast of Portimão.

This is the biggest artificial reef in Europe, where a fleet that once formed a whole armada will be transformed into a sanctuary brimming with marine life, with a complementary visitor centre on dry land, at the Portimão Museum.

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