This large group of animals, namely, marine finfish, belonging to which belong to the Osteichthyes category (from the Greek ‘osteos’ = bone, and ‘ichthyos‘ = fish), is characterised by the existence of an internal skeleton of an osseous origin and, in the majority of cases, by the existence of gills, dorsal fins and a mouth in a frontal position.

In accordance with their distribution in relation to the water column, can be classified in four groups:

  • Pelagic – fish that live in the water column, generally in a shoal, and without being very close to the seabed. Examples: mackerel, sardine, tuna, etc.
  • Demersal – these live the majority of their lifecycle around the seabed, whether rocky or sandy beds. Examples: groupers, parrotfish, hake, scorpionfish, etc.
  • Bathypelagic – these live at great depths (between 1000m and 4000 m).
  • Mesopelagic – fish that normally live on the seabed during the day and migrate vertically close to the service at night.

Thicklip grey mullet

Chelon labrosus

Sharpsnout seabream

Diplodus puntazzo

Striped red mullet

Mullus surmuletus

Golden grey mullet

Liza aurata


Diplodus annularis

Salema porgy

Sarpa salpa

Zebra seabream

Diplodus cervinus

White seabream

Diplodus sargus

European Conger

Conger conger

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