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Algarve Diving Spots

The diving sites in Algarve are grouped into three zones:

Algarve Diving SpotsDive the Algarve with SUBNAUTANot known as a diving location the Algarve is considered by many as one of the favorite European sites for the practice of this sport. The sea conditions enable diving practically all year round, but the best times are Autumn and Spring, when the waters are crystal-clear and the temperatures milder.

The waters, rich in sea life, offer endless topics of interest for observation, investigation or photography, even in conditions where visibility is limited.
In fact, at these times we can see the infinite detail of the Algarve's fabulous underwater world, teaming with life.

Algarve Diving SitesThere is a huge variety of species and it is fascinating to observe their behavior as they dart across the multicoloured sea bed, covered with exquisite corals, gorgonians, sponges, anemones, cerianthidae, and different types of algae.

Marvel at the evanescence of the gilt-head bream and sea bass, the curiosity of the sea bream, the timidity of the damselfish and pout, the restlessness of the bream, the gracefulness of the anthias fish, the tranquillity of the conger eel, the apparent aggressiveness of the moray, the irreverence of the goby and blenny, the immobility of the scorpion fish, confident in its mimicry, the energy of the mullet, the intelligence of the octopus and cuttlefish, the beauty of the nudibranch, and the proud bearing of the seahorse.

Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAAlgarve Diving SpotsThe Algarve has a history rich in shipwrecks from the time humans first started to navigate the earth, to incidents during the last two World Wars, as well as some caused by storms in the second half of the last century.

The list of wrecks includes the Torvore, the Wilhelm Krag and the Nordsoen, three of the four ships that were sunk by the U35 submarine during the First World War.

It also includes the B-24 Liberator Bomber that dropped into the waters near Faro, the Empire Warrior, which was sunk by the Luftwaffe off the coast of Vila Real, both during the Second World War, and the Océan, sunk in Salema during the Battle of Lagos between the English and the French, in 1759.

There are many sites of interest in the Algarve underwater world. Each one can be visited countless times, and there will always be something new to see.

Algarve Diving SpotsWe have 50 diving sites all along the Algarve Coast, starting at Cape Saint Vincent and going to the border with Spain. We have several trips planned to the various locations identified particularly with our liveaboard service. However, the most visited places in the daily dives are necessarily due to operational reasons sites included in a maximum radius of ten miles from Portimão.


Dive the Algarve with SUBNAUTAAlgarve Diving SitesThe full description of each diving site comes from the DIVE GUIDE OF THE ALGARVE conceived and produced by Subnauta, on sale in our Store.

It is strictly forbidden to copy or use drawings, photographs and text without written permission of Subnauta.

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